This Week at Calvin 8/23/23

Calvin Church, 326 7 th St SE, welcomes all who are looking for a church family to worship, learn and
fellowship with us. Worship begins at 10:00 AM. Pastor Brian Hofman will lead us in worship. Miriam
Hector will provide the prelude on the organ. The All For Him praise team leads the singing of:
“Cornerstone”, “We Believe”, “Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning”, “Change My Heart O God”, and
“Shepherd” sung as a solo by Ron De Kok.
Pastor Hofman will continue his sermons on the last days. Sunday’s text is 2 Timothy 3: 1-9, “Terrible
times in the last days.”
Pastor Brian is going to try out a discussion group based on our Bible passage for the week. Everyone is
invited to attend one or all the gatherings. These will be informal. We will talk about what you are
taking away from and wondering about that week’s sermon text. Our first meeting will be August 27,
about a half hour after the service in the fellowship hall. We will share some pizza as we discuss.
Sunday School and Bible Studies will all be starting in September. Watch for more details.
Are you looking for volunteer opportunities to help others and serve God? Make a life changing
difference with World Renew Disaster Response Services this fall in Boutte, Louisiana, Whatcom County,
Washington; or Sarasota, Florida! For dates and more information, go to
At 2:00 PM our church has opened its doors to the Chuukees Church family in our community. We
welcome them to worship God in our sanctuary.
The church office is open every morning from 10 to noon. If you have any prayer requests and
concerns you like included in the bulletin, please direct them to our church secretary at 712-546-4767.
Services may be seen on YouTube, on our newly designed website at, or by listening
to a CD.

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