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The Force?

Rev. Dr. Nevada DeLapp

Order of Worship

Time of Silence
response: “Hear Our Prayer, O Lord”
* Call to Worship
* Song of Worship “Open My Eyes, That I May See”
* God’s Greeting
* Prayer of Confession
O Lord, all knowing, most wise God!
Our Father,
you have searched me and known me.
You have looked into the deepest desires of my heart.
You know my secret loyalties as well as my hesitations.
You know my doubts and my reservations.
All knowing and still all loving Father, have mercy on us,
for we have gotten confused.
We love you and we love your ways,
yet we have loved this world, too.
* Assurance of Pardon
* Song of Praise “Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty”
Congregational Prayer
Song “Sweet, Sweet Spirit”
Gospel Reading John 14:15-31
Scripture Reading 1 John 4:7-12
Prayer of Preparation
Message: Pastor Nevada
The Force?”
* Song of Response “They’ll Know We Are Christians”
* Blessing
* Closing Song “Glory Be to the Father”

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