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Seeing Jesus Clearly

Rev. Brian Hofman


Prelude: Miriam Hector
“Give me Jesus”
“Jesus the Very Thought of Thee”
* Call to Worship
* Song of Worship
“Jesus Messiah”
* God’s Greeting
* We Greet Each Other
Prayer of Confession
L: God of grace, you have given us Jesus, the light of the world,
P: but so often we choose darkness and cling to sins that hide the brightness of your love.
L: Immersed in ourselves, we have not truly risen to new life.
P: Baptize us with your Spirit so that, forgiven and renewed, we may preach your Word to the nations and tell of your glory shining in the face of Jesus Christ, our Lord and our light forever. Amen.
Assurance of Pardon
* Song of Praise
“We Believe”
Congregational Prayer
“There Is a Redeemer”
Prayer of Preparation
Scripture Reading
Mark 8:22-33
Message: Pastor Brian
“Seeing Jesus Clearly”
Response of Faith: Our World Belongs to God 25
Standing in our place, Jesus suffered during his years on earth, especially in the tortures of the cross. He carried God's judgment on our sin—his sacrifice removed our guilt. God raised him from the dead: he walked out of the grave, conqueror of sin and death—
Lord of Life! We are set right with God,
given new life, and called to walk with him
in freedom from sin's dominion.

You, Lord, Are Both Lamb and Shepherd”
* Benediction
* Closing Song
“We Receive Your Blessing”

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