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Jesus, Threat to the Religious Leaders

Rev. Brian Hofman


Prelude: Miriam Hector
“Blessed Assurance
Moment of Silence
* Call to Worship
L: Let us worship God, who has done great things.
P: We rejoice in our God, who made a way through the desert of this world.
L: Let us worship God, who has caused streams of mercy to flow in the wasteland.
P: We are the people God has formed through Christ; we worship him, and we rejoice!
L: Let us worship God in spirit and in truth.
P: We praise God for the grace that has saved us. Alleluia! We rejoice!
* Song of Worship
“The First Place”
* God’s Greeting
* We Greet Each Other
Song of Confession
“Change My Heart, O God”
Assurance of Pardon
Call to Discipleship
* Song of Praise
“Tell Me the Story of Jesus”
Congregational Prayer
Special Music: Tessa Hofman
“Lead Me to the Cross”
Prayer of Preparation
Scripture Reading
Mark 11:12-25
Message: Pastor Brian
“Jesus, Threat to the Religious Leaders”
Response of Faith Belgic Confession 24
Therefore, far from making people cold
toward living in a pious and holy way,
this justifying faith, quite to the contrary,
so works within them that apart from it
they will never do a thing out of love for God
but only out of love for themselves
and fear of being condemned.
So then, it is impossible
for this holy faith to be unfruitful in a human being,
seeing that we do not speak of an empty faith
but of what Scripture calls “faith working through love,”
which moves people to do by themselves
the works that God has commanded in the Word.
These works, proceeding from the good root of faith,
are good and acceptable to God,
since they are all sanctified by God’s grace.
* Song of Response
“O Lord, Be Our Refuge”
* Benediction
* Closing Song
“God Be with You Till We Meet Again”

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