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Have You Actively Been Sharing God's Free Gift of Salvation to those Jesus Died For?

Guest Speaker: Mr. Duane Vander Plas


Prelude: Mandy Viet
* Call to Worship
* Song of Worship
“How Great Is Our God”
* God’s Greeting
* We Greet Each Other
with voices ONLY, please maintain Social Distancing
* Prayer of Confession
Lord, you are a God who keeps promises.
In our prayers and songs we say
that we want to be Christians,
but then we forget our promises.
Our actions do not match up with our words.
We say mean things to other people,
we hurt their feelings,
we think of ourselves first,
and, worst of all, we ignore you.
Lord, forgive us and hear our prayer
for Jesus’ sake. Amen.
* Assurance of Pardon
* Song of Praise “Your Name”
Congregational Prayer
followed by The Lord’s Prayer in unison
* Song of Preparation/Responsive Reading
“Order My Steps”
Scripture Reading
Isaiah 55:1-13; Psalm 23:1-6
Luke 9:55-62
Prayer of Preparation
Message: Mr. Duane Vander Plas
“Have You Actively been Sharing God’s Free Gift of Salvation
to those Jesus Died For?”
* Song of Response “Give Me Jesus”
* Benediction
* Closing Song “Goodness of God”



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