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Hallowed Be Thy Name

Rev. Dr. Nevada DeLapp

Isaish 6


Call to Worship
Song of Worship “All Creatures of Our God and King”
God’s Greeting
Prayer of Confession
Almighty Father,
We confess that we make your name empty when we try to control you.
We also confess that we hallow the names of other gods like money, anger, lust, and pride.
Forgive us. Touch our lips with the hot coal of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Assurance of Pardon
Mutual Greeting
Song of Praise: Miriam Hector & Angeli Shieh, acompanists
“Your Name”
We Honor our Graduates
High School: Morgan Jensen, Lucia Li, Clay Luschen
College: Chad Pratt
We Welcome into Membership
Brian & Michon Wurth
Offertory: Josiah Mullins “The Lord’s Prayer”
Congregational Prayer
Reading of the Word Isaiah 6
Prayer of Preparation
Text Isaiah 6
Message: Pastor Nevada “Hallowed be Thy Name”
Heidelberg Catechism: LORD’S DAY 47, Q & A 122
Q. What does the first petition mean?
A. “Hallowed be your name” means:
Help us to truly know you,
to honor, glorify, and praise you
for all your works
and for all that shines forth from them:
your almighty power, wisdom, kindness,
justice, mercy, and truth.
And it means,
Help us to direct all our living—
what we think, say, and do—
so that your name will never be blasphemed because of us
but always honored and praised.
Special Music: Josiah Mullins “Holy, Holy, Holy. Lord God Almighty.
Closing Song“Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow”

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