This Week at Calvin

Sunday, July 31st, Calvin CRC welcomes all to a time that has been set aside for the public worship of
God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Worship begins at 10 AM at 326 7t St SE, Le Mars.
Pastor Brian Hofman will be on vacation Friday, July 29 through Friday, August 5. Rev. Matt Wentz will
lead the worship service. As we enter worship Miriam Hector will play an arrangement of “As the Deer
Panteth for the Water so my Soul Longs After Thee” on the piano. The songs of praise will include “As
the Deer”, “Shout to the Lord”, “Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God”, “When We Walk with the Lord”, and
“Dwell in Me, O Blessed Spirit”.
After the service everyone is invited to join in fellowship over a cup of coffee, glass of juice or lemonade,
and a yummy cookie. There is a nursery stocked with great toys to entertain the children while the
adults welcome guests and catch up on how God is working their lives.
Friday, August 5, Centers Against Abuse and Sexual Assault will host a community picnic at the Olson
Cultural Event Center. Attending will be Wet Nose Rescue-animals needing foster/adoption, Fire
Department with trucks, yard games with law enforcement officers, and Iowa BBQ serving from 5:00pm
– 6:30 pm. CAASA is a nonprofit organization providing services for victims of sexual violence in 19
counties in Iowa, including Plymouth County. This event is free to the public! Calvin desires to minister
to each other and our neighbors through caring relationships. Come join us as we reach out to them for
Anyone needing prayer may call the church (546-4767) to be included in a prayer chain of prayer
warriors from Calvin.
Services may be seen on YouTube, on our website at Calvincrclemars.org, or by listening to a CD.

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