This Week at Calvin

Calvin Christian Reformed Church wants to encourage all to be 'the Church' in this unusual time. Can we treat others like the bride of Christ? Can we call and pray for our neighbors and friends? Can we send a note of encouragement or give a small gift to let them know we are thinking of them? This is a very special time to let others know we are the church.
Calvin Church has now been meeting on Sundays at 10:15 am with some guidelines for social distancing that seems to be going quite well. It is so wonderful to see faces and hear voices singing and responding to God's Word!
We remind you, if you have concerns about meeting as a group, please don't feel obligated to attend at this time. We will miss you, but we want you to stay physically healthy as well!
On Sunday, the service will be recorded live for live streaming, also posted later on the church's website ( for viewing. There are CDs available for those without internet.
This Sunday, May 24 Calvin will observe Ascension Day. Technically Ascension Day is observed 40 Days after Easter Sunday which falls on Thursday, May 21st. On Ascension Day Jesus took his disciples to the Mount of Olives where they watch as he ascended to heaven.
Angeli Shieh, a foreign exchange student from Taiwan, living with Steve and Kathy Ver Mulm is accompanying the service and providing the prelude. We are so thankful for her spirit of willingness to lead worship. The hymns for this Ascension Sunday are: "Rejoice, the Lord is King", "Jesus Shall Reign", and "Crown Him with Many Crowns." The congregation will sing "Lord Speak To Me That I May Speak" before the reading of the Word. The Gospel reading comes from Acts 1: 6 - 14 where Jesus is Taken up into Heaven.
Pastor Rev. Dr. Nevada DeLapp has chosen Psalm 24 for his next Psalm of David, an ascension Psalm. This series of Psalms has been very interesting and you are encouraged to listen to them on our church's website or stop at church from 10 - 12 Monday through Friday when the doors are open to pick up a CD on the ledge by the mailboxes. Our church secretary will also be there during this time to drop off news for the newsletter this week or drop off your tithes and offerings. Thank you for giving back to God for the work of His Kingdom.
Calvin is located at 326 7th St SE in Le Mars IA. We welcome all visitors and invite you to make yourself at home. We've been praying for you, and hope you will experience the joy of God's life changing love with us.

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