This Week at Calvin

Calvin Christian Reformed Church at 326 7th St SE seeks to follow the recommendations of those who govern over us. We will be cancelling all activities at the church. However, our secretary will be in her office from 10 - 12 AM. If you are in need of financial help, please contact church at 546-4767 or Patrick Visscher, deacon.
All tithes can be mailed to the church or dropped off during the secretary's hours.

Pastor Rev. Dr. Nevada DeLapp will be uploading little video meditations to his Facebook page entitled "Bite size bits with the bearded pastor."

Calvin is looking into recording a service on Saturday morning. We will communicate with members through email, Facebook and hopefully online-streaming.
To quote Pastor from a couple of his meditations, "this time is like a Sabboth. We are resting from things we ordinarily do." "It is a time of waiting. In this time God calls us to order our lives according to who He is." One of the things Pastor suggests is first going to God in prayer. There are many sources available including the Book of Common Prayer 2019. There's a link to the free online pdf version of the Common Prayer 2019 This is based on the Psalms and other scripture. Another simple prayer book published by the Christian Reformed Church entitled SEEKING GOD'S FACE. This includes a short prayer, scripture, reading and blessing. The prayers are based on the Heidelberg Catechism.
Pastor DeLapp offers this consolation. "In midst of all the anxiety", he suggests "to recite the Jesus Prayer from the New Testament." It simply says "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of David, have mercy on me, a sinner." Or simply say "Thank You." "Repeat it slowly and dwell in God's presence, the one who is near to us. Rejoice in Him always."

Calvin Church has always supported the Siouxland Youth for Christ organization. This coming Monday night (March 30) at 7 they are presenting their Event on Facebook Live. The link is Siouxland Youth for Christ Facebook Live Event. Please support this great organization with your visit online and your gifts.

Our services can be accessed on our website at Go to menu and press firmly on sermons.

Grace and peace to you all from Calvin Church.

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