This Week at Calvin

What a thrilling week it was at Babylon (Calvin Church), where Daniel and his friends had been taken captive.  All week long we heard how GOD IS ALWAYS WITH US no matter if things change, if we need help, when we're afraid, when we're lonely, or when you're thankful.  Daniel relied on his faith of one true God through all his challenges, and so can we.  Calvin Church was honored to minister to so many children in the community and beyond.  So many volunteers stepped up to prepare delicious meals, lead singing, portray Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and other Babylonians, create crafts from the marketplace, play games in the Palace playground and be tribal leaders for these ambitious attendees.  The offering for Josh's Ride was not complete at this writing, but donations were made for these custom bikes for special children.  Thank you to all for their generous gifts.
This Sunday, July 1st Pastor Nevada De Lapp will be using Hebrews 10 for the text of his sermon "Jesus is the Center of Everything."  The title is "In Jesus."  Nomi Vos will be leading us into worship with a prelude on the grand piano.  We appreciate her beautiful music in our worship services.  She will also accompany the hymns "Let All Things Now Living", "Guide Me O My Great Jehovah", "I Am Thine O Lord", "In Christ Alone and "This Holy Covenant Was Made'.
This week the Greeters will be Pete and Mary Attema, coffee servers - Fred and Glenda Vollink, usher - Fred Vollink, nursery - Elaine Zomermaand, Sound System - Steve Ver Mulm and PowerPoint - Jeremy Kamp.
Calvin Church along with First Baptist Church is responsible for delivering Meals On Wheels in July.  the first 2 weeks of the month Calvin will need 1 delivery person and the last 2 weeks we will need 2.  A signup sheet is in the foyer. 
Join us in worship and service at Calvin as we develop a heart for our neighbors which leads us to serve and reach out to them for Christ.
Calvin is located at the intersection of 4th Ave SE and 7th St SE.  You can hear our worship services on the web at www.calvincrclemars.org.

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